Monday, May 14, 2012


This weekend, I spent two lovely days with my Nan and my extended family in Sonoma celebrating Mother's Day.  My mama had to stay in Fresno with my baby sister, and even though I missed her tons, I wanted to make sure my Nan had someone to make her feel super special.  This lady raised six kids, took care of the house, loved her hubby, and had a full time job.  Simply put, she is a huge inspiration to me, and I don't think I'd be nearly as successful without her support.  And my mama's too of course!  I really appreciate how my relationship with my Nan has strengthened and deepened as I've grown up.  Here's a little peek into our weekend.

Awk picture of a picture.  But isn't my Nan so pretty? This is her high school graduation portrait.

My uncle's dog is such a dork (in the best possible way!).  Look at her sitting all properly.

I feel so at home in Sonoma.  Obligatory mirror pic in my fave sweater.


My Nan's backyard is gorgeous.  I sat in the sun with her all day Saturday.

We even had a chance to say hi to my grandpa this weekend.  I wholeheartedly believe there are holes in the floor of heaven.

Flowers are mandatory for Mother's Day.  Even on jackets.
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


  1. SUPER cute jacket!! Love it!!

    Your Nan is beautiful! It's such a blessing to have a great relationship with grandma's and mom's, isn't it?! I'm so blessed in the relationship's I have with mine! :)

  2. This looks like a faboo moms day. And all my labs set like that. We tell them they have really nice posture..not! Big hugs!