Tuesday, May 29, 2012

15 Minutes

Even though this long weekend was jam-packed with amazingness, this girl was a 15 minute highlight of my Saturday.  Friends come in a variety of forms, and Kimi is a special one. We've know each other since we were babies and went to daycare together!  As our lives have gotten busier and grown-up responsibilities have taken us to separate corners of California, there are periods of time where we'll go months without seeing each other; funny thing is, it always feels like no time at all has passed when we do reunite.  Some things aren't meant to be understood, but appreciated and loved for what they are.

I was lucky enough that Kimi ended up in Norcal this holiday weekend, but a crazy Saturday meant we only got to spend 15 minutes together.  Pure pandemonium with a grin on it.  Can you say speedy catch-up sesh?  I was so grateful for all 900 seconds. 


Love you lady!

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  1. oh, how just 15 minutes can be a lifetime. so happy joy dance!