Sunday, June 1, 2014


I am finally rolling off my current job in TWO weeks, and couldn't be more excited. The change has sparked a renewed joy in other areas of my life, so I figured documenting a happy list would be most appropriate to remember this monumental occasion:

  • The joy of hanging out with my boyfriend's friends from college, and bonding over beer pong and Bud Light.
  • Drinking in the sunshine of Mountain View while the fog occupies SF.
  • Praying and wishing happy thoughts for my baby sister (moving to Louisiana) every night. So proud of her!
  • Visiting SF landmarks when we have visitors in town.
  • Re-watching the last episode of Orange is the New Black and getting crazy pumped for the new season.
  • Chatting with my grandma over the phone and connecting with one of my favorite people on this planet.
Life can be tough, considering the obstacles I'm facing are things I never thought I'd even make an acquaintance with. But I am filled with hope, buoyed by a supportive boyfriend and sisters and friends that make me believe life can be good and better. I'll continue to focus on these "happies."