Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost June!

Can you believe tomorrow is June? May has absolutely flown by! There is so much for look forward to this summer, so I'm excited for June to get started.  Linking up with Amber and Neely to share a few things that are ok as we wrap up this lovely month.

It's ok... to tell people it's been forever since I've been home to Fresno.  A month and a half is a long time for me ha!

It's ok... to get equally as excited to see my sister every time I saw her over the last 10 days.  Three times in just over a week is a treat.

It's ok... to ask for directions.  Even though I consider myself a pro at public transit, I wanted to make 100% sure I was headed the right way.

It's ok... to wish all my friends would move to San Francisco.  Seriously, I just miss having all of us in the same place! On the bright side, the more we spread out, the more places I have to visit.

It's ok... to listen to the same songs over and over again.  I can't imagine getting tired of a favorite playlist I created on Spotify, and listen to it throughout the day.  Especially when I need a pick me up!

It's ok... that I haven't read a new book in over a month.  Funny how priorities can shift, and let's just say that hanging out with a certain someone is so much better than getting lost in a book.

It's ok... to realize I have a lot to figure out in my life, but not freak out over all the planning and possibilities.  Things have worked out pretty swimmingly so far. 

So pumped for summer!  Via.

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  1. lol I listen to the same songs over and over again too! Just call me maybe and Boyfrined are my favorite!!! Have a great weekend!

    1. I am addicted to Call Me Maybe!!! You have a great weekend too lady :)

  2. Going the wrong way on a subway is one of the worst feelings. Sometimes, figuring out a city's subway system (NY and Boston are the ones I've used repeatedly) takes more brain power and mapping skills than I'm capable of.

    1. Ahhh NY that one is a tricky trickster! Public transit can be such a brain workout haha :)

  3. It's okay that I haven't done any of these things either, but its okay to dream!

  4. beautiful work!
    Can we follow each other?:X