Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wishful Thinking

After getting out of Cali this weekend, I literally have felt high on life.  It is amazing what a little perspective, new experiences and a little anonymity can do for a gal.  Here are a few other things on my mind this week.  Linking up with Brooke at Bright Wishes.

1. A Caffeine Contraption Like This
Oh goodness, wouldn't this (or maybe an IV) make consuming caffeine so much easier?
2. A Library
I will know I have made it when I have enough space for this many books.
3. Milk Glass
I have a teeny collection from mama and grandmas, but I would love to adorn my room in these pieces.
4. A Trip to Brandy Melville
I am craving a trip to my favorite L.A. store for some cozy knits.
5. Song Lyrics As Wall Art
Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up to something like this every day?

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Taste of Charlotte, Part 2

Even though I had big work commitments while in Charlotte, I managed to fit in some delicious food, a trip to the EpiCentre, and a little more sightseeing.  Even just in the Uptown area, there was a lot packed into a few blocks.  Next time I visit the south, I definitely want to visit the countryside.

Taco Pie, greens and plantains.  My co-worker and I decided the Taco Pie looked like a jellyfish; I only managed to eat half of this meal.
I had no idea there was a Jungle Juice out there for kids.  I'm only familiar with a jungle juice served at frat parties (that should generally be avoided :)
Cute little trolley driving folks around.

California, I didn't miss you for one second.  Sorry I'm not sorry.
Fire Bird statue outside of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.
Shhhh, one teeny picture from the museum. Apparently pics are not allowed.  I didn't use my flash though, so the painting was not harmed in the process.
I love where I am in my life right now, but days like this make me consider packing up my apartment and hitting the road for a few months.  So grateful for an opportunity to visit the great state of North Carolina!

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Taste of Charlotte, Part I

Yeeeehaw! I had the opportunity visit Charlotte, North Carolina for a few days last week and had an absolutely lovely time.  Flying into Charlotte, there was so much green and green for miles.  I was so excited for southern accents, friendly folks and to take a break from my usual healthy eating habits, and Charlotte did not disappoint.  All of my time was spent in Uptown Charlotte, and the high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and museums almost reminded me of SF except that Charlotte was much, much cleaner.  Here's a peek at a few fun moments from my first day.

I thought it would be fun to take the bus from the airport.  Little did I know the bus driver and I would become BFFs during the first few empty stops.
Uptown Charlotte.
I had a few hours to kill before my co-workers arrived.  Luckily, I have absolutely no qualms about sightseeing on my own.  The Levine Museum was fantastic, and pretty empty on a weekday.  I loved all the hands-on activities and videos.
Learning about post-Civil War Charlotte.
This is what Mags, Brigi and I would have looked like if we worked in a textile mill in Charlotte in the early 20th century.  Needless to say, Brigi wasn't amused.  Maybe it's the haircuts?
If I grew up on a cotton farm, I wouldn't be able to use Twitter and Facebook.
Chilling in a barber shop replica. This real Life magazine was a treat to read.
Alpha Delta Pi lions.
Taking a walking tour of the Fourth Ward.  Pretty trees and houses make Bethy a happy gal.
I had to try Bojangle's.  A friend of mine from Florida couldn't stop talking about this place when he lived in Cali for a summer, and Amanda also recommend I make a stop.  The biscuit part of the sandwich was really delicious, and we definitely don't have anything on the West coast like their sweet tea.
Little bits of history are tucked in between huge skyscrapers, like the Old Settlers' Cemetery.  The quotes etched into the headstones were so touching.

Some of these headstones dated back to the 18th century.  Such telling juxtaposition between the cemetery and the financial district.
Hey kitty, can I have your life sleeping in the sun on a wraparound porch?

There was nothing about Charlotte that I didn't enjoy.  If banking had been my calling, moving to Charlotte (one of the banking capitols of the U.S) would have been first on my list of places to move.  I'll be sharing a few more details tomorrow!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Jammies Kind of Day

After a whirlwind two-and-a-half days in Charlotte, North Carolina, I have every intention of staying in my pajamas all day long.  Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! I'll be sharing my adventures in the South tomorrow and Tuesday... I might have to take a nap before I end up getting anything else done today. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Purpose

Thanks to the lovely Monday holiday, I had a few moments to have a little crafty fun.  I repurposed a few empty wine bottles.  Don't worry, I definitely drank these babies over a few nights!  They bring a little extra sparkle when the sun shines into my kitchen.

My kitchen is so dated, but I love it.
 It was easy peasy too!  All I did was run some hot water over the bottles to get the labels off, let them dry and then popped in some flowers.  I think these would be really pretty on a windowsill.  Isn't it fun to find another purpose for something that usually gets recycled?

An escalator can never break. It can only become stairs.
-Mitch Hedberg

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Bright Spot In My Week

I think I love the Wednesday Wishes link-up just because it makes me feel very happy and hopeful. It really is a perfect way to get through the middle of the week, and this week is going speedy quick thanks to the President's Day holiday.

1. A Puppy
Seriously, every time I see a cute dog on the street, I want one. So bad.  I have to keep telling myself I am no where near settled enough for a pet (and my apartment doesn't even allow fur babies!).  Thank goodness for doggies on the street!

2. This Above My Bed 
I actually think that if I set my mind to this, I could totally make it.

3. Vintage San Francisco Posters
Isnt this lovely?

4. Long Nails 
So I can do cool stuff like this to them!

5. To Share My Feelings With Ben
You've kind of disappointed me sir.  I'd love to run into him in Sonoma or SF and tell him that it was only my diehard reality TV additiction that allowed me to get through this painful Courtney-filled season.

Go check out Brooke's blog!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Preserving Memories

Most of my childhood memories are captured on VHS tapes, living somewhere in my parents house in Fresno.  I've been saving all my pennies to try and convert these tapes to DVD as soon as possible.  It'd  make it so easy to watch them, even though we do have a cranky ol' VCR we could use.  You know how folks like to ask what you would preserve  in a fire?  I guess it'd be my lappy (since it houses all my college/post-college pics), but if I was at my home in Fresno, it would definitely be my parent's wedding album, my baby book, our Easter pictures, and on and on.  Captured memories to me are priceless.

My amazing uncle managed to bring a fun family memory to YouTube.  Isn't it amazing how technology allows us to do awesome things like upload a decades old video (taken with who knows what kind of camera!) to YouTube?  Preserved, forever, on the world wide web.  It's a goofy little moment actually, a tree chopping bet that happened in the 1960's in Rainbow Oaks, CA.  Much like the moments I share with my sissies, it's a fleeting moment most wouldn't consider important or monumental; but often it's those little slices of life that end up making the best memories.

My Papa is the strapping, (almost) bald guy in the brown/orange-ish shirt.  He passed away in 2008, making this video even extra special.  Love ya fancy schmancy tools of the 21st century!

Have you had success bringing your family memories to the 21st century?  Do share!

Monday, February 20, 2012

SF Saturday

My aunt and uncle visited the Bay this weekend, and I went to San Francisco on Saturday to meet up with them and a cousin of mine that lives in SF.  My cousin Jeannie arranged for us to take a tour of the TCHO (pronounced CHOE, apparently) factory on the Embarcadero, and it was like a comedy show, a science class, and a chocolate tasting combined into one.  I  highly recommend taking the tour if José can be your guide, not because the chocolate isn't reason enough to visit, but because he was one of the most outrageous guides I've ever had in my life.  From his stories about wielding a machete during his childhood in the Philippines, to his encounter with an elderly lady who orders Coca (cocaine-infused) tea on Ebay, to his vast amount of chocolate knowledge (seriously, so brilliant!), he made this tour so so fun. 

After learning how chocolate is made and nomming on a ton of samples, we walked down the Embarcadero to Delancy Street Restaurant for lunch.  I hadn't been here before, but the food is delicious (and decently priced for SF!) and all the funds from this restaurant go to their foundation.  My cousin also let me know that the folks that work here are very much in need of a fresh start.  Good food and a great cause?  Definitely going back (especially considering the price of their mimosas). 

It was such a beautiful day by the water, and we also had a chance to walk through the Ferry Building and the Farmer's Market. My aunt and uncle have always made an effort to visit their nieces and nephews that live across the US, and it was great to see them and catch up with my cousin.

Ferry Building.
Beautiful flowers at the Farmer's Market. 
Jeannie and I trying to be cool like Lucy and Ethel.
Learning more about how chocolate is made.
TCHO flavors; all delicious in their own unique way.
Yummy chocolate.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Note to End the Week

Dear three-day weekend, I love you already.  The thought of being in my bed for more than six hours at a time sounds like heaven.  Dear The Vow, thank you for giving me more unrealistic expectations about love.  It's ok though; I cried like every other girl across America who saw it (or so I've heard), and still believe in fairytales.  I always will.  Dear Sissy, I appreciate all your funny Facebook posts, the texts you forward from our dad and your beautiful and open heart.  You have really taught me a lot these last couple years, and helped me become a more accepting person.  I wouldn't be ready to move if it wasn't for you.  Thanks for all your support, and I cannot wait to live that much closer to you.  Dear Readers and Followers, your comments and support mean the world to me.   Having my own little corner of the internet makes me so happy, and I  love that I have fun new bloggy friends to share the adventure with.   I am continually inspired by all the lovely words, thoughts and ideas that live on your blogs, and feel like I learn something new every day.  And I didn't even have to go to class.   Dear Gym, my apologies for choosing bar food over you yesterday.  I cannot wait to kick your butt again after doing some running (around with my family) this weekend.


Read more letters at the fabulous Adventures of Newlyweds blog.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Any "To Do's" in Charlotte?

Hi lovely readers! I'm headed to Charlotte, North Carolina soon-ish for business, and I need to make the most of my few days there. If anyone is from the area or has visited this fair city... what should I do?  Eating is number one on this list, but please let me know if there is anything I should  do/see/experience.  My time in the South is limited to a very brief stint in Atlanta (Ashley and I barely made it out of our hotel for a few hours), so I will love you forever if you'll leave me a comment with your recommendations.  I'll certainly return the favor if you ever visit California and want suggestions about what to do!


PS: Sorry to keep the deets a little vague, but I hope to have more info soon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hippie Chic

My little sister got an amazing pair of high-wasted jeans a few months ago, and I've been slightly jealous ever since.  Much to my surprise, my mom picked out the cutest pair and sent them to me for Valentine's Day.  Seriously, this lady has a gift for picking out stylish clothes that look good and fit great.  They still need a slight hem, but I pulled out my highest heels since I was itching to wear them.  Thanks mom! 

Mama found these at Urban Outfitters.  Similar style here.  Top and necklace: J. Crew. Clogs: Ralph Lauren.

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy.  Go check out Lindsey's fun blog, and take a look at all the other amazing outfits other bloggers are sharing.
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