Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Was Made for Sunny Days

It was such a gorgeous, sunny day in the South Bay today.  I wanted to soak up enough sunshine to last until summertime!  Everything seemed to have a little more sparkle thanks to all the glorious light.  I spent the afternoon walking around downtown Palo Alto and grabbing lunch with a friend.

Spotted.  I'd love to have this as a print.
Spring is coming!
Saturday evening, I went to a yummy sushi restaurant in Mountain View called Yakko.  I went all out tonight with an Alaskan roll, a side of brown rice and Tempura ice cream.  The ingredients tasted really fresh, and the staff were so friendly.  Delicious food and even better company!

The title of this roll made me giggle; oh the implications of a 'New Girlfriend Special.'

Basically, Tempura ice cream is fried ice cream.  And this baby was topped with chocolate sauce.

How is your weekend going?

PS: Post title courtesy of The Weepies.


  1. mmmm tempura ice cream!! I'll have to try that one for sure :)

  2. Sometimes its just wonderful to breath the fresh air. Big hugs!!!! I thanked you for my Liebster Award! Your amazing Bethany. I am so glad I am following along. I can't wait to see the rest of your journey.

  3. thanks for your comment! I agree-- the trail mix is yummy!! tell me when/if you try it and what you think! Your blog is going great! Make sure to come on over and check out my new design and tell me what you think!

    Best wishes from,

  4. Thank you! I love it so much already! Hope you're having a great weekend!!