Monday, February 27, 2012

A Taste of Charlotte, Part I

Yeeeehaw! I had the opportunity visit Charlotte, North Carolina for a few days last week and had an absolutely lovely time.  Flying into Charlotte, there was so much green and green for miles.  I was so excited for southern accents, friendly folks and to take a break from my usual healthy eating habits, and Charlotte did not disappoint.  All of my time was spent in Uptown Charlotte, and the high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and museums almost reminded me of SF except that Charlotte was much, much cleaner.  Here's a peek at a few fun moments from my first day.

I thought it would be fun to take the bus from the airport.  Little did I know the bus driver and I would become BFFs during the first few empty stops.
Uptown Charlotte.
I had a few hours to kill before my co-workers arrived.  Luckily, I have absolutely no qualms about sightseeing on my own.  The Levine Museum was fantastic, and pretty empty on a weekday.  I loved all the hands-on activities and videos.
Learning about post-Civil War Charlotte.
This is what Mags, Brigi and I would have looked like if we worked in a textile mill in Charlotte in the early 20th century.  Needless to say, Brigi wasn't amused.  Maybe it's the haircuts?
If I grew up on a cotton farm, I wouldn't be able to use Twitter and Facebook.
Chilling in a barber shop replica. This real Life magazine was a treat to read.
Alpha Delta Pi lions.
Taking a walking tour of the Fourth Ward.  Pretty trees and houses make Bethy a happy gal.
I had to try Bojangle's.  A friend of mine from Florida couldn't stop talking about this place when he lived in Cali for a summer, and Amanda also recommend I make a stop.  The biscuit part of the sandwich was really delicious, and we definitely don't have anything on the West coast like their sweet tea.
Little bits of history are tucked in between huge skyscrapers, like the Old Settlers' Cemetery.  The quotes etched into the headstones were so touching.

Some of these headstones dated back to the 18th century.  Such telling juxtaposition between the cemetery and the financial district.
Hey kitty, can I have your life sleeping in the sun on a wraparound porch?

There was nothing about Charlotte that I didn't enjoy.  If banking had been my calling, moving to Charlotte (one of the banking capitols of the U.S) would have been first on my list of places to move.  I'll be sharing a few more details tomorrow!


  1. I would love to explore the history in the south! :)

  2. Looks like you had a fun time and I'm glad you liked your chicken and biscuits! ;) Can't wait to see more!

    1. So delicious! Charlotte was so fun :)

  3. I hope the South didn't disappoint! I love how you said you were looking forward to southern accents! That is too funny! I hope you got a little bit of that and alot of friendly people! Looks like you had a good time

    1. Southern accents make me weak at the knees haha. And everyone was so so nice... loved it!

  4. AHH! I wish I would have found your blog sooner. I could have taken you around my town. Maybe next time.

    Follow each other?

    1. I definitely have to visit again... such a great place!

  5. Oh my goshhhh! I'm from Charlotte! Bojangles is my favorite!!!