Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Year

Even though I'm loving all the cute, sappy posts floating around the blogosphere, I'm celebrating a different kind of anniversary today.  You see, I had the interview for the job I currently have (and love) on Valentine's Day last year.  I was so excited for the opportunity that I didn't even realize I'd be having the craziest V-Day of my life! I didn't have a significant other I would have been spending the day with otherwise, but it was a little strange to be so focused on preparing for my interview and ignoring all the red and pink festivities.

It was the busiest 36 hours of my life, flying to the Bay from LA, renting a car for the first time ever (soccer mom van, fyi), and trying not to freak myself out too much the entire time.  I never thought in a million years that I would graduate from college and be fully employed by the ripe old age of 21, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Since I moved to the Bay last April, it has been the most wonderful adventure a gal could have asked for.

Valentine's Day 2011 is currently the reigning best Valentine's Day ever,  but the day/night I had with some of my best girlfriends my sophomore year of college comes pretty close too.

This elevator pic was the only (appropriate) one I could find of all four of us.  From L-R: Jo, Brittany, Nicole and myself.  Who knew celebrating Valentine's Day with your favorite girls could be so amazing?

Hope everyone's day is filled with lots of love!