Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back door cracked, We don't need a key.

One of my very favorite UCLA friends Nicoley was in the Bay this weekend, and we definitely made the most of our too brief time together. She was up here for a science conference this weekend at Berkeley with two of her research friends, so we made our way to SF for some fun! BART and I will take some time to become friends... using the train wasn't as intuitive as I'd expected. We shopped at Union Square, tried delicious food and drinks at Ponzu, and engaged in some mild shenanigans. I did not want our day to end! My 'berry isn't the best camera, so I can't wait to see what shots Nicoley got.

Oh and ps, while the world may feel big and never-ending sometimes, there are times when the world is way, freakin' small. On our way back to Berkeley Saturday night, I ran into a buddy from high school I hadn't seen since graduation. It's this kind of serendipity and coincidence that makes me excited to wake up and experience what life has to offer. And he so kindly made sure we made it back to Berk a-ok.

Weekends go so much faster in grownup land!

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