Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free to Be Me

There was always someone there, when I lived at home or in the HOP. It was more than someone to eat dinner with or watch TV with or laugh at the dumbest things with. The knowledge that I had people around me was a comfort factor that I certainly took for granted, literally my entire life. And while it is definitely a little bit strange to not to hear people in the next room or be able to jump on my best friend whenever I get the urge, I am more than grateful for the opportunity to live in a cozy one-bedroom apartment and discover the real meanings of independence, confidence, and resilience. I am the one that kills the scary looking bugs. I am the person that makes dinner (when I eat at home maybe two nights a week). I have to research how to pay bills, wheel my garbage can to the curb and repair the door that I thought I destroyed. I think this whole do-it-myself learning experience is going to be the most challenging, but most beneficial thing I have ever done for myself. EVER. Someone at work today gave me props for being an independent woman, and I was like, heck yes that's me! Even if I go back to living with roommates next year, I will always have my year to look back on. And I am so thankful for every second of it :)

(via In His Grace)

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