Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

How quickly having a career has made me so grateful for a glorious three-day weekend! Two of my besties from high school came to visit on Friday night, and I loved giving them the grand tour of my job and my new town. My girls from high school are some of the most amazing friends I could possibly ask for. Chloe will be going to Vietnam for a whole year, Alyssa might be moving to New York in September, and Brooke is finishing up her last year of college in Fres-yes. Even though Alyssa wasn't technically with us, any missing member of our little foursome is always there in spirit. How freaking cute are these Hello Kitty oven mitts from Brooke? And Chloe brought me a bottle of wine! We might be miles apart but we'll always be close at heart (adorbs card from Chloe, not my words).

I also drove to Stockton this weekend to see baby girl play softball. Although my family is never shy to share "I Love You's" and big hugs, the best way I can explain how much my dad loves us is the fact that he spent/spends his weekends driving my sisters and I to countless sports or debate tournaments up and down California. The last couple summers I've gotten to sit in the bleachers with my dad watching baby girl play ball, and its reminded me of how special the weekends I got to spend with my dad will always be. I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for all that my dad has done for me and my family, but I also love the goofier, funnier side of my dad that often comes out during these relaxed weekend trips. Most of the sister's tourneys are in SoCal this summer (where I'm no longer living eek!), so this weekend was extra special.

PS: Those are my ADPi stunna shades :)

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