Sunday, April 24, 2011

B is for Birthday!

After spending the last three birthdays at UCLA, celebrating the big 22 with my family was really sweet. After stopping at this incredible salvage store in Petaluma, we went to Bodega Bay. Eating on the waterfront definitely brought back some of my favorite family memories. Looking at the original cottages, it was really neat to imagine my great-grandpa making his living there. And a day with us isn't complete without something completely random, so we stopped at Hole in the Head in Bodega... aka an abandoned nuclear power plant that is simply a hole nowadays. Awesome! We snagged some delish salt water taffy at this pink and white striped store. I would love a house that included a room like these stripes.

It's a family tradition to make this bunny cake every Easter, and I was so lucky that we had it on my birthday this year. Almost as good as having the baby sis dress up as a bunny ;) After living alone for (a whopping) two weeks, I was so grateful to spend a weekend in Sonoma with so much of my extended family. We also went to a outdoor sunrise mass for the first time this year, and the cows, donkeys and chickens made the environment seem more like Christmastime in a stable. Amazing, nonetheless.

All of the texts, calls and letters from my friends that I miss oh so much was the cherry on top this perfect weekend.

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