Monday, December 5, 2011


When I picked out glasses before my freshman year of college, I picked out some of the nerdiest frames, thinking they would make me look super legit when I studied in the lib. Well, I studied in the lib a lot more than I wore those glasses. They were rimless glasses, super rectangular, and nerdy in a way I realized was not so cute. I have been itching for a new pair of frames, but insurance (and Lord I so appreciate insurance, don't get me wrong), allows me to pick either contacts or glasses each year. And practicality always won.

So thank you A Cup of Jo for such an awesome giveaway. I won a lovely pair of Lookmatic glasses. Wanting something a wee bit over the top, I fell in love with this geeky chic pair that will also be perf for the hipsterland that is SF. I had way too much fun with their Virtual Try-On too.


  1. I love these glasses! And I can't believe you won a giveaway! That is so awesome!