Friday, December 23, 2011

Finally Home!

It really, truly feels like Christmas now! I'm back in Fresno, and arrived home in the midst of a party at my house with two families we grew up with in Clovis. As my dad so eloquently put it, these are some of our oldest friends; not in years, mind you, but in longevity. How did we luck out to grow up across the street from a family with three girls too?

Even though I've been counting down the days until Christmas with my Advent calendar, the magic of Christmas is so much more present here at home with my family and some of our best friends.

My mom's amazing Christmas tree.

Pretty girls.
Goofy girls.
Sarah is a freshman at UCLA and she joined ADPi too. Loved hearing all her fun stories!

Round two tonight with our cousins and other best friends. I wish the Christmas season never had to end!

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  1. Love the pic of you and Sarah! So cute that she went ADPi too =) We always need to make sure Fresno is represented in our house haha