Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally Friday

Today was one of the best days Ive had at work since I started in April. And that's saying a lot folks, since I love (and am so grateful) for the job. And its Friday! To celebrate, I had a little Bethy fun after work.

1. Pookie Sweater Shopping
Pookster was a wee baby last Christmas, so we had a blast dressing her up in a Christmas sweater. However, I'm having a bit of trouble finding XXL sizes for kitty sweaters this year. Isn't this one too funny? She's gained about 10 pounds (maybe more?) since last year.

Christmas 2010. Get excited for obese kitty pics after I go home next week!

2. Spinach Dip
Pretending I'm my mom or my Nan and making spinach dip for my Dad's family's Christmas party tomorrow. The first taste was delish, so I hope chilling overnight only makes it taste better!

3. White Elephant Gifts
The last few years, my dad's family has had a White Elephant gift exchange, rather than exchange presents between each and every on of us. Now that were all on the older side (my sissies and I are the youngest cousins), it makes for a fun game of gift snatching and makes the shopping a lot more interesting. This year, we are doing a semi-White Elephant gift exchange... some families took the gag gifting a little too far (not us, I swear ;)

Heinous Santa goblet and yum Baileys.

Happy weekend!!!

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  1. I would be excited to get that White Elephant gift! Haha have fun this weekend!!