Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So this is Christmas?

I LOVE Christmas. I love buying presents for other people. I am obsessed with Christmas lights. I love the challenge of not shopping for myself for at least the entire month leading up to Christmas. I love the smell of Christmas trees, sparkley ornaments, cheesy music, and the festive spirit it lends to all areas of my life (even work!)

I cannot tell a lie though, à la our founding father Mr. Washington himself. Christmas as an independent lady is weird. I'm so used to spending at least a week prior to Christmas home in Fresno, going to holiday parties with my family, baking cookies with the sissies, and making sure that all the presents are wrapped. Knowing how little time I will actually get to spend celebrating with my fam has made me super anxious to get home.

Meanwhile, babygirl and I are in a JibJab war. I think our pets win haha.

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