Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Raining, It's (Kind of) Pouring

 I woke up this morning to a light sprinkling of rain outside, and was so excited to finally give my new Hunter rain boots a real test run.  I may have worn them on Christmas day when there was no chance of rain whatsoever.  What can I say, I was excited!  Ever since I moved to the Bay, I knew I needed a sensible pair of wellies for rainy days.  I definitely miss laying out on the beach in January in Santa Monica, but it is fun to take advantage of the Bay weather to look for pieces best suited for colder climates.  Thank you Santa for these amazing boots!

A saleslady complimented my necklace.  I told her it was from J. Crew, and she said: "Oh, I didn't realize J. Crew sold anything stylish." Haha, yes, in fact they do.

Write your name inside the boot!  What a neat idea.

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