Saturday, June 1, 2013

Room Redo

I've been using my twin-sized bed from my room back home ever since I moved to Northern California.  I was so excited to finally purchase a queen-sized bed and mattress, and even more excited when my mom said she'd help me make it extra special for my birthday present.  I bought the comforter from (amazing selection!) and she had a friend make pillows.  They are top-notch quality and will last for years, and the detailing is unbelievable.  A few fuzzy shams completed the look.

I strung twine across the top of the bed and hung pictures with little clothespins.  No words to explain how much I love twine ;) I found the letters at Michael's and thought they complimented the bedding perfectly.

I can't wait for the day that I have a bigger apartment so I can extend the decorating to other parts of my living space.  I had a blast brainstorming ideas with my mom, and love coming home to a relaxing, inviting space.  I find myself rearranging pictures and adding teeny little touches just to keep the decorating going.

I'll post pictures of the rest of my room later... for now, enjoy!

Snapshot of the bed and pillows.  Those big, white pillows are so comfy!

Close-up of the pillows and my twine creation.  That little pillow says 'sole searching.'

Cozy blankets.  Perfect for working in bed!

These prints are on the wall near the foot of my bed.  I love waking up to inspiration!

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  1. I've recently moved home after college and I'm redoing my room as well. Love the twine idea. Thanks for sharing!