Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dad's Day Weekend

I was lucky enough to enjoy a visit from my family this weekend.  My mom, dad and baby sister drove up from Central California, and my middle sis made the trek all the way from Oakland ;)

On Saturday, we enjoyed a picnic in Dolores Park in the Mission.  It's so fun to see my parent's reaction to different parts of the city, and they loved the park.  After the sun came out, it was perfectly warm too.  We shopped and checked out all the amazing street art the Mission has to offer, and ended the evening back in the Marina-area.  Dinner at my new favorite Tacko place was a great end to a lovely day, and my sisters and I took a late night walk to Lombard Street.  My youngest sister just gradudated from high school, and it's incredible to see how much she's grown into an amazing young woman.

Sunday started with brunch at Rose's Cafe, followed by more sightseeing and shopping in the Marina.  My boyfriend joined us too!  It's hard to explain how complete and happy I get when my whole family is together.  And knowing it'll be even harder for us to get together once my sister going to college makes it even more special.

Family, I love you so.

The Mission.

Playtime at Dolores Park.
Father's Day brunch with my bf.

Cutie parents at brunch.

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