Monday, June 24, 2013

Fair Fun

This weekend, I joined a group of friends and we headed to the Alameda County Fair.  I haven't been to a fair since I was growing up in Fresno, so this was an unexpected treat.  My favorite part (and no surprise to anyone that knows me) was the petting zoo!  I could have spent all day with the goats, potbelly pigs, llamas and deer.  There were even wallabies, although we came to the conclusion that these guys were not happy in the petting zoo.

We saw so many animals (for sale, not in the petting zoo), including about a million bunny rabbits and little ducklings.  The fair food was a delicious, and I had a corn dog and tried fried twinkies and oreos.  A once in a lifetime treat; I could practically feel my arteries harden ha.

There were pig races, and I almost died when I got picked to help facilitate.  Highlight of my week, hands down!  Needless to say, we all passed out on the way home.  Sunshine and a beer will do that.

Until next time, Alameda Fair :)

Making lots of new friends.

 Bf and the wallaby.

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