Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hump Day

I saw this idea on Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist, and thought it would make a great mid-week post.  I love Wednesdays, because once Wednesday is over, it is almost the weekend!

current guilty pleasure: Bubble baths.
current nail color: Sparkles over a layer of plum.
current playlist: My Augustana Pandora station.
current read: Reader
's Digest.
current drink: Sparkling mineral water.
current food: White bean chili.
current favorite show: The Bachelor.
current wish list: More scarves.
current needs: To tie up loose ends.
current triumphs: A rockin
' start to Q1 at work. 
current bane of my existence: Soreness from my first kickboxing class.
current celebrity crush: Marcus Mumford.  
current indulgence: Cinnamon apple chips.
current blessing: My sisters.  They are simply the best!
current outfit: Flannel.  And a sweater. And a jacket.  And a scarf.  It
's cold!
current excitement: The three-day weekend.
current mood: Grateful.
current link: Otters.

Thanks for the idea Kelsey


  1. A bubble bath sounds so relaxing to me right about now!!!

    Cute post- I may have to borrow this idea one day :)

  2. Haha Beth you are gonna love my post tomorrow... It's a link up that is basically this exact same thing. And kickboxing class?! Sounds tough... and fun!

    1. Yay I cannot wait to see what you write Ashley!

  3. Why do these random lists never get old? So much fun! I'm stealing your idea. And I already wish I wore fun nail polish like you. ;)

  4. I found your blog on the Flower Patch Farmgirl, so fun, I played along, check it out