Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bows and Black and White

Since I regularly head to work before 7 am, I love dressing warm to beat the cold morning blues.  And what better way to get over hump day than adding a bow to the mix?  I usually wear a headset all day, so fitting it over the beret was a fun challenge.

Sweater and striped shirt: J. Crew. Jeans: Rock & Republic. Beret w/ bow: Urban Outfitters. Heels: A'Gaci.
Need an instant pick-me-up? Go bowling in five inch heels and impress all your friends. I even got two spares! 

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  1. Cute outfit :)
    I'm impressed you bowled in those!

  2. Bethany- thanks for your lovely comment on The Classic Glam blog! Here is one back :) I followed you, too!

    ~The Classic Glam Blog

  3. Now this is adorable. I love love a hat. Thanks for stopping by. I followed back. Can't wait to read more of your journey. Hugs!!!!!