Friday, January 20, 2012

Have a Creative Friday!

When I first moved into my first apartment last April, I wanted to call my parents every single time I needed advice on something.  I love my parents so much for letting me call about anything and everything; weird spiders, whether or not wax paper can go in the oven (no!), water pressure, expiration dates, and on and on and on.  Even though my parents were fabulous at the get-go, living on my own for almost a year has made me a lot more self-reliant, self-confident, and self-sufficient.  And creative!  My mom entrusted me these lovely flower pots my Papa brought her from Mexico some time ago, and I figured it would be best to transport them carefully.

I also got creative hanging my scarfs in early December.
Do you use YouTube?  Have more fun searching for videos. 
I want to do all of these crafts NOW to declutter.
Dying to actually make this.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. They look very safe :)
    I was the same way when I first moved out... Here's to amazing parents who let us call them for anything!

  2. I've been married 12 year and still call my parents from time to time to ask questions LOL!

    Looks like those pots are in good hands- your momma would be proud :)

  3. Not gonna lie, I've definitely done that exact move to secure things on a drive. That's what they're for, right??