Saturday, July 9, 2011

Recent Obsessions

My new Weber barbecue! Never have I ever barbecued, but boy am I excited to try this baby out. I feel like a barbecue opens up a nearly limitless array of options for a gal that isn't a huge fan of making time-consuming dinners. Barbecued pizza, here I come!

This lime green Preserve kitchen equipment. How could you not be excited in the kitchen when your tools are a technicolor dream? I love how big this bowl and the colander are, and it definitely helps keep messes to a minimum. Thanks mom!

My first slab of Corian! I am obsessed with Corian as a work surface – it comes in a close second to granite. It is extremely heat resistant, makes for a great surface to roll out cookie dough, and is SO easy to clean. I like my little slab an awful lot, and I will cherish this baby until I can design my own fab kitchen. Again, thanks mom for the sweet Corian pieces.

Does it sound like I should pick up a copy of Good Housekeeping or what? Well...

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  1. love this. especially the bbq. i am sure you are going to make some fantastic meals with this stuff :)