Wednesday, July 6, 2011


After a fabulous wedding on Saturday, we spend the rest of the weekend celebrating birthdays - my dear Uncle Dan's and America's, that is! My uncle is an avid fisherman, and this fish from Occasional Cakes is something worthy of Cake Boss. Look at my fondant uncle in the corner! I am so blessed to have this guy in my life. He has such an inspirational work ethic, gives so generously, and loves his family so much. I will always treasure our fishing memories.

Fourth of July in Sonoma is always a fantastic affair. There's nothing like sitting around the plaza with my family watching the parade, seeing babygirl dominate the potato toss to win salami as we peruse the games on the Plaza, and eating all day long as we visit at my Nan's house the rest of the day. The small town feel of Sonoma is definitely evident: neighbors streaming in and out all day long, saying "Happy Fourth!" to anyone on the street, and watching the all-town fireworks show when it gets dark.

My Nan's bff from high school owns a beautiful Thunderbird. So appropriate for such an American weekend!

Don't worry... everyone sets up their chairs the night before the parade and wraps them in caution tape :)

Only in Sonoma would you see a Bichon float.

What a wonderful weekend celebrating America and my uncle with the fam!

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