Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Love April

Aside from the fact that April means sunshine and spring flowers, April is an amazing month because of all the birthdays jam-packed into it!  Some of my favorite memories of these ladies happened when celebrating their special day.

Ashley is celebrating her birthday oh so soon.  Freshman year of college, we had a blast celebrating her 19th birthday after we finished spring recruitment.  Can you believe how fast time flies?  As we move on to other adventures, I will always treasure our college memories... especially a few in particular from our first year of college.  Excited to see her conquer the world this year!

My sweet friend Nicoley will be celebrating her birthday in Spain this month.  She was my right-hand woman throughout college, and someone I could always count on to take part in all kinds of shenanigans with me.  My 21st birthday came after hers, but I had a blast enabling her 21st birthday celebration.  I keep telling her to move to SF whenever she decides to come back to America.

Photo from my birthday which happens to be 4 days after Nicole's!
And Kimi, my first best friend, is also celebrating her birthday this month.  I was so lucky to have a friend like her growing up, and will never forget the sewing classes we took together or the countless hours we spent playing American Girl Dolls.  Even though we don't see each other as much living on opposite ends of California, I still feel like a wide-eyed, open-hearted 10-year-old when we hang out.  Best. feeling. ever.

Notice the American Girl doll tucked under my arm? Yup.
Including Easter, this will be a month of celebration - whether or not I will actually be with my favorite April babies on their birthdays.  Happy April everyone!


  1. What a busy (but fun) month!! Happy April!

  2. Awww I almost used that same picture in my post tomorrow! April is the best =)