Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buh Bye One Tree Hill

I confess: I didn't actually watch One Tree Hill in high school when it was at its peak of popularity.  But when my friend Ashley* introduced the show to me in college (after they jumped forward in time), I was hooked.  I think I've watched previous seasons at least three or four times over.  This show has everything from episodes named after song lyrics and great music to great moments of heartache, friendship and love.  I may or not be feeling this way knowing that the series finale is here.  

Who else is feeling this way?  Via.
More of my favorite things about One Tree Hill.

Lucas was totally an English nerd, and a hot one at that.  Via.
Haley. Via.
I miss these years. Via.

Life lessons. Via.

This. So freaking cute.

 "Rock stars" fell in love with small-town girls. 

Tyler Hilton. Kate Voegele. Jamie. The Ravens.  The Comet.  Mouth. Big Decisions. Small Decisions.  First Times. Last Times.  Sweet Kisses. Amazing Music.  Secrets.  Good.  Evil.  Jake (Bryan Greenberg).  Redemption.  Forgiveness.  Tragedy.  Honesty.  Best Friends.  Break-Ups.  Make-Ups.  Tears.  Lots of Laughter.  With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept.  Friends That Become Family.  Karen's Cafe.  Trick.

One Tree Hill, I miss you already!

*I realized I didn't link to Ashley's bloggy. Go wish her a happy birthday!


  1. I loooove this post!! I have mine all scheduled for Friday hahaha! I'm gonna miss it SO much!

  2. I have been addicted to OTH since I was 17. I'm super annoyed right now though cause I didn't even find out the 9th and FINAL season had started in January because they announced that it would start in the Spring. So now I have to catch up real fast! Goodbye OTH, we will miss you. (Good thing we have you on DVD though haha)


  3. Aww.
    I never got into this show.
    But I know how it is when your favorite show is in the final season.
    I am sure you will fill that void! :)

  4. I'm not ready for tonight. I have a feeling I'm going to cry!

  5. I never watched it. Yes, throw stones, but I really dug Dawson's Creek when it was on. Like never missed an episode!

  6. I bawled. Like a baby. It was quite sad.

    Keep Shining,