Sunday, October 2, 2011

Go Bruins!

The UCLA football team played Stanford up here in Palo Alto this weekend, and a few of my best friends from college came to watch the game and hangout. Other than a loss to those Stanford Trees (found out this was their unofficial mascot), it was a perfect weekend. Now that we live everywhere from Los Angeles to Spain, I am so excited for any time with my UCLA/ADPi favorites!

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$6 Diet Pepsi ADPi Dobby chips p-p-p-poker face tree pictures non-stop fun celebrity obsessions amazing friends
Ping chat lovely weather sleepover can't stop won't stop

Since this is the only photo I snagged this weekend (aside from the few locked in my camera... long story), Ashley is sure to have a much more visually appealing post.

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  1. love this =) seriously an amazing weekend! my post is up now too!