Monday, October 10, 2011


This is the first. time. ever. I've ever had more than a couple shelves or a desk to decorate. I have a whole apartment! Whatever your budget is, there are easy ways to maximize what you have (and what you find), to make your space perfect for any season.

Trade or Reuse
My mom was gracious enough to part with a few of her Halloween decorations that she doesn't have room for or doesn't use as much. I snagged this bowl and this pitcher from her china cabinet and gave them a new home here in Mountain View. I've also acquired a few piece of my own over the years, and was so excited to finally have the space for them. Trade or borrow pieces from your mom, aunt or friend until you build up a china cabinet of your own.

I have used this Mason jar over and over again, filling it with appropriately colored straws or confetti. This antique mirror is also a perfect accent piece any time of the year — the UCLA pumpkin was a gift from my uncle four years ago. I also have too many picture frames to put out at any one time, so I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to let my orange/earthy-colored frames see the sun (above). You would be surprised how ordinary items in your home or apartment can be transformed for the season.

Make the Most of Your Dollars
Similar to a piece of clothing you'd purchase from Forever 21, The Dollar Tree is the perfect place to buy trendy or seasonal items. The sparkly garland featured above? $1. This adorable scarecrow? $1. If you're looking for a little extra fluff or "stuffer" items, The Dollar Tree, Marshall's and even your local thrift store are a great place to start.


  1. Yes! It's amazing what a few things can do -- as you've done. awesome.

  2. Thanks Rachel! A little certainly goes a long way :)