Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dancing Deer

This weekend I made a quick trip to Moraga to visit my sister. The St. Mary's campus is SO different from UCLA; it's seemingly tucked away in a wooded, serene corner of the North Bay. Maggie sends me pictures of deer outside of her window, and we even had to quickly brake as a deer bounded into the road as we drove to lunch.

My dad used to call these "Dancing Deer" signs. Such a jokester :)

We drove to Walnut Creek for lunch at Boudin, and had a major catch-up session. I don't know if I will get to see her again until Thanksgiving, so we definitely made the most of our time together. Whether it's discussing college classes, comparing funny parental texts, or talking about the future, there is nothing like having a sister to chat with.

Isn't she cute?

This was the only acceptable picture of us after trekking around to find where I parked my car - oops!

After lunch, I turned to Mags and told her I was content.
"About lunch?," she said.
"About life," I replied. Content-ville in Bethyland right now.

We also made a quick trip to the Dollar Tree to grab a few holiday decorating supplies, some of which will be in full force soon. Even though the visit was short, it was a perfect afternoon together!


  1. i love that its content-ville in bethyland right now =) reading that makes me happy. love you!

  2. you da best! thanks for the blog love :)