Monday, September 26, 2011

Oroville, CA

Describing this perfect weekend in Oroville has proven to be a difficult task. I haven't been back to this little gold-mining town that my dad grew up in for nearly eight years (the summer after my grandma passed away), and I was excited and a little nervous to return. Brigi, my dad and I met up with most of my dad's family to celebrate my grandpa's induction into the Oroville Union High School District Hall of Fame!

Before the ceremony, we spent the day in Oroville. I had a huge list of places we had to stop at. Hardly anything had changed, from the antique stores downtown, to the summery smell of hot asphalt, to that homey feeling you get when you know you belong.

The intersection where my dad grew up, and my sisters and I shared many happy memories.

The Oroville Chinese Temple. Sorry dad for catching you at an awk moment!

Sank Park. My grandma and I used to walk through the gardens every night after dinner.

Grandpa! This article highlights some of the amazing things he accomplished. What a difference one teacher can make.

They wouldn't let babygirl walk through the casino where the event was held (and where we stayed!). But then the after party was in a bar where no one had a problem with her until like 12:30... go figure.

My only wish: that Grandpa could have accepted this award himself. Miss you and Grandma every day.

Day two: breakfast at the Gold City Grill. My dads meal was called the "Loaded Potato." 'Nuff said.

Legit teepee. This little city is chock full of history lessons!

What a beautiful way to welcome fall!

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