Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recovery Sunday

I may not be able to navigate around the kitchen too well when it comes to making things like dinner, but baking and I are bffs. I take any holiday as an excuse to try new cookie recipes. And with limited tools - aka no Kitchenaid - I feel like I get a workout in when doing my mixing!

Pie pops are my new fave dessert of the moment. Easy peasy to make, espesh when you buy the filling, and deeeeelicious! I made strawberry pie pops this go-around, and they were a little harder to handle since strawberries are quite as teeny and flexible. However, I do love the even tinier size that this shot glass provided me.

These pillow cookies are also to die for. There is a brownie hidden inside the chocolate chip cookie! The recipe calls for them to be as big as the center cookie (the stigma of the flower?), but I tried to downsize since there will be so many goodies to munch on next weekend.

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