Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Alive!!!

Lappy has been MIA for approximately 10 days. Every six months or so, I can always count on my laptop to become deathly ill thanks to some kind of virus. Trust me, I cannot wait to get a Mac and never look back :)

What's been on my mind these last couple weeks?

This blog. Dear Photograph will make you cry. It's been making the rounds this week, and I cannot wait to submit one with the sisters.

San Francisco. I made a conscious decision to start my independent woman life in Mountain View, and I haven't had one regret since I moved into my precious apartment. This week, I spent a significant time in the city for work and fun. I can't say it made me like the city any more than I have in the past (no offense SF lovers), but it gave me a sliver of hope that maybe next spring, I'll be ready to make the big move. Waking up in a hotel on Union Square doesn't hurt either.

Eight days until my favorite non-religious holiday!

These shirts from J. Crew. So comfy, I die.

And seeing this guy. My cousin that I see once in a blue moon because he goes to school on the East coast and travels during the summer for a drum corps. Luckily, he was in my neck of the woods this weekend!

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