Monday, June 27, 2011


Okay, maybe this wasn't really an epiphany, but more of an 'aha moment!'

I love my job. I'm learning to love the bay. I love the confidence this new life has instilled in me. He is truly laying out the stepping stones for me, that's for sure.

Where am I going with all this positivity? Sometimes, I do wonder where on earth I'm going to fit in enough 'me' time when I'm working full-time. It may sound silly, but when will I learn to cook, or throw fabulous dinner parties, or visit my long lost relations in Ireland? When will I find the time to make sure all my friend know how much they mean to me when I'll rarely see them in the coming months? How can babygirl grow up in this world without me right beside her? These are the things that sometimes weigh heavy on my mind when I lay on my couch at the end of a long day and ask The Format to keep me moving forward.

And then I had this 'aha moment' as Mama O says. I am an avid blog reader of all shapes, sizes and forms. Babies, fashion, religion, I truly love it all! And last night, I discovered that one of my favorite bloggers, who is fabulous, fashionable, and oh so wise in the ways of the world, works for the same amazing company I do. And I wanted to die. I can do it all - work, shop, entertain and be the best friend/sister/daughter I can possibly be. Any 22 year old career gal would understand why this was such a good find. Not only can I do this, this thing I call my life and my career, but I can make it wonderful!

PS: I don't want to out my wonderful inspiration, since bloggers seem to make such a distinction from their work and personal lives. But I will happily let her know what her blog has meant to me :)

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