Friday, April 1, 2011

Life in Motion

The (e)motions that go along with packing up all my stuff, moving to a city where I don't know a single person (well, except my landlord), and preparing to live ALL BY MYSELF are being put on hold until the technical aspects of moving get situated. My bedroom has slowly been boxed up, and those piles of boxes are sitting everywhere from the living room to Maggie's bedroom. I'm taking up my bedroom set until I find something that I love and want to invest my working woman budget into, and I think it's so funny how nakey my bed looks. This feels like moving away to UCLA all over again, except I need things like end tables and cleaning supplies. Tonight we're picking up the moving truck (!!!), and one of the last things on my 'to-do' list was to make snacks for the movers... aka my family :) Monkey munch and a Mumford cd to motivate the troops? The rest of today and tomorrow are going to be crazy, but definitely exciting!

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