Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week One

Sorry the font is so small, but this
Brave Girls letter felt so appropriate. Pull out your reading glasses ;) I love the part where it says I can choose what I put my energy into.... every, single day. I'm pretty sure every call I've made or every text I've sent about the move and work includes how crazy and overwhelming this still kind of feels, but how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity. The decisions that have brought me here felt bigger than myself, but I'm seeing life unfold in beautiful ways every day I am on my own. And I finally have legit internet, so it will be a lot easier to share my adventures with you all.

Decorating my cube with little touches of home and ADPi. And I finally opened my Get Fuzzy desk calendar I got for Christmas!

Getting my fit on! Gotta love how inspiring putting on a new pair of tennies is.

This lil guy made me so happy every time I looked at him while I was at work this week. Great way to remind myself to not be overwhelmed and enjoy the first weeks of work. Spreading my wings baby!

Oh and it's Easter next weekend. Isn't this platter from Pottery Barn fun with those plump bunnies?

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