Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We're All Made of Stars

Two of my favorite friends had birthdays this week. I may have only know Nicoley for four years, but girlfriend is my partner in crime. I can't wait to rehash all our shenans when we are old ladies. Only she knows the true meaning of the Ke$ha song "Blow," the significance of cheesy potatoes, or how it feels to live in frat house where our closet included an electrical cord to hang out clothes. Fact. No matter where she chooses to go in the world to use her incredible talents (she thrives in an ER setting!), she's a friend for life and I cannot wait to see what she does! Or where I'll get to visit her... hence the travel budget.

I've know Kimi since we were we babies and we've filled photo albums with our Halloween pictures. We've never gone to the same school. We were only neighbors for six years. We sometimes went months without seeing each other. But she is the kind of friend that every time I see her, I feel the same way my ten-year-old self did when we still played with American Girl Dolls. Except now we talk about boys and careers and exciting big grownup things.

Love is nothing you can tax.
Especially the love of friends.

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