Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shine On

Need to spice up the end of your week? Start with a sparkly bottle of nail polish. This cranberry color is called "Sparked," and makes me so excited for Thanksgiving.

Pick out a ridiculous card for someone you love. Folks, this is for my dad's birthday. Our fam has a thing for silly cards (especially if they involve animals), and I cannot wait to see my dad's reaction next week.

Drool over a necklace you know you'll be unable to resist if it goes on sale. Nerd alert: I first saw this in the WSJ, not the J. Crew catalog.

A little extra shine never hurts anybody.


  1. Thats so funny that you posted about changing up your nail polish because I just did that last night too! I went with a shiny silver color and attempted some detailing with my new black nail art pen. Lets just say I still need some practice (and maybe some patience... I hate waiting for my nails to dry)!

    Also that necklace is very you. So cute!

  2. I want to see what you did to your nails! I have never been able to do anything more than a solid color coat haha. Send me a pic or put it online :)