Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gratitude, Part II

I love my family. Actually, I lovely love them. Even though I like to think I'm a grown-up, being graduated and working and all, it's amazing what being with my family can do. A friend put it perfectly: being at home humbles you. My five day holiday weekend was spent in Fresno and Fallbrook, and it was a blast. I am so thankful for my family, and for a beautiful Thanksgiving we shared eating, laughing, shopping and making new memories.

Try spending eight hours in a car with these folks.

Pretty table.

Happy 27th anniversary Mom and Dad!

I love you So-cal sunshine.

Goofs. This is why having sisters is a must.

My mom grew up in this house. Now her sister and her sister's fam live there!

Awk pics while Mags risks arrest to get the shot. Yeah Black Friday shopping!

Catching up with family friends at the Money Pit in San Marcos. Doesn't everyone want a burger and fries the day after Thanksgiving?

Snuggling with Pooks after we get back to Fresno.

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