Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pining for Pinwheels

I saw this cookie recipe, realized I had all the necessary ingredients in my cupboards, and decided to make them for Thanksgiving. Sure, they are definitely more of a Christmas cookie (I intend to make a HUGE batch of them for my co-workers), but I just could not wait to see if I could make a pretty pinwheel. I love drop cookies and bar cookies because they don't need to be purty, per se, so I was stoked that these turned out so lovely. So easy and delicious and you could use any color food coloring to make them appropriate for the season!

It looked like blood :) I didn't use gel food coloring like the recipe suggested, but one itty bitty bottle of food coloring went a long way.

The roll. I used red and white sprinkles, but would love to use something a little more pearl-y next time.


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