Monday, May 13, 2013

Lucky Gal

My mom and dad came all the way up to the Bay to celebrate Mother's Day.  Since my middle sister has been so busy in school, she hasn't had a chance to go home very often this year.  So lucky that my parents made the treck so we could hang out in Walnut Creek.  Baby sister one weekend, middle sissy the next - how lucky am I?

We were also celebrating my sister's amazing job this summer.  She needed business casual clothes, and we lucked out at J. Crew.  Sissy and I even got matching blazers ;)

When I headed back to SF on BART, I had a plate of cupcakes on my lap.  So funny how many people asked me for one... jokingly of course!

4/11/13. Sissy.

4/11/13. Mom and sissy.

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  1. What great family time. It's the best isn't it?