Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Disclaimer: Super cheesy post alert ;)

My man and I have been dating for a year, officially! I was talking to a friend about how quickly the year went by, and I think it's because we've had so much fun and been so busy.  We crammed in so much.  We went on trips to Ann Arbor, Boston, Los Angeles, a few to Fresno and multiple to the wine country.  We've gone to concerts, tried dozens of new restaurants, both gotten new jobs and spent birthdays together.  It hasn't always been easy (boy, being a 20-something is hard sometimes!), but it's been an amazing year of growth, learning, patience and lots of cheesiness.

Thanks for an amazing year babe! Grateful that the one day I worked from home you still got me flowers.  The delivery guy scared the bejeezus outta me, but sooooo pretty.

5/6/13. What up Diet Coke and pretty flowers.

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