Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Perfect Weekend

Even though I love San Francisco, there's nothing like going back to LA.  I had a blast celebrating my friend Brittany's birthday!  She was so sweet and picked me up at the airport, and it was really nice catching up (in person) while prepping for the party.  After dinner at Souplantation (I die!), we had a little celebration at her apartment and then went out.  It went by way to fast, but I wouldn't have traded those 36 hours for anything.

Sunday I was lucky enough to get Britt all to myself.  We lunched and played at a park, enjoying the sunshine and adorable babies.  After a quick stop at Sprinkles for ice cream, it was time for me to head back to SF.  Thanks for an amazing time Brittany... I'm so lucky to have you just a ping or text away as we experience this weird adult thing.



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