Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grateful Pt. 2

I'm trying to make it a goal to remember all the things I'm grateful for and take a few notes.  Here's round two!

  • Ridiculously healthy, delicious food at work.  I could eat salads every day, and love having teammates that inspire me to make conscious food choices.
  • On the other hand, I love having a man that will indulge my sweet tooth.  We had cupcakes and whoopie pies this week from my new favorite cupcake spot!
  • Dinner date with my sissy.
  • Warm San Francisco nights.
  • Clean laundry (even though I left it in Mountain View... woops!)
  • A mom that sends me cheesy, wonderful and sweet text messages.
  • The health of my cousin and my baby "brother." Lots of prayers were had this week!
  • My job, no matter how stressful or busy it gets.  I just love it.
No picture, just focusing on the feelings ;)

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