Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Love

This was a my first Labor Day as a full-time working woman, so I fully appreciated and celebrated the holiday. I met my family in Sonoma for the weekend, and we had a fabulous time eating, shopping and catching up. Besides all our favorite shops on the Plaza, babygirl and I always make time for the Pets Lifeline in Sonoma to play with some kitties and doggies. It soooo made me wish I had a forever home for a homeless pet! We also caught a Giants game on Sunday. Ever since I moved to the Bay, I couldn't wait to go to a game with the fam bam. The best part of the game isn't hearing the roar of the crowd or smelling the grease paint – its watching my dad soak it all in. He is the biggest Giants fan I have ever met, but such an unassuming fan. Whenever we go to games together, he'll sit there with his program making notes and keeping score. It's just so neat to watch! Mags and her bf met us there. This Labor Day weekend couldn't have been any better.

Sparkly kitty!

Mr. Tubbs needs a home.

Cody Ross hit a homer five rows in front of us. It was such a perfect day at AT&T Park!

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