Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can't Stop. Won't Stop. I Must Be Dreaming.

I officially, officially have an apartment in Mountain View, and will be moving in at the beginning of April! The place is just down the block from Castro Street, and the neighborhood reminds me of Sonoma. The place is well-kept and kind of retro, with with formica countertops and a pink tiled bathroom. Groovy baby ;) Now that I have a job and a home, all that is left to do is decorate! Here are some of my favorite pics that I'm inspired by. I wish I could transport the furniture in these photos right into my place. I love eclectic sets of photos and prints, bookshelves (thanks for the tutorial Emily), and precious vintage pieces. Note the 'For Like Ever' poster... I've seen it on a couple blogs lately and just love it.

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