Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Los Angeles, Pt. 1

After a quick stop in Fresno for the 4th, Greg and I continued our road trip and headed to LA!  I went to college at UCLA, so I was stoked to see some of my favorite friends.  Brittany was the most amazing host, Nicoley had just gotten back from a year in Spain, and Ashley was in LA for an (almost) final hurrah.  It was such a blast!   

Here are a few pics from our first day and a half in LA. Santa Monica, UCLA, Westwood, Runyon Canyon, Britt's apartment, Father's Office (for food), The Wellesbourne (for drinks and shenans) were just a few of the stops we made in our first two days.

Hello Santa Monica! I love SF, but I miss warm beaches.
At my second home, UCLA.
Introducing Greg to the library at UCLA.

Night out.  Boyfriend and my bestie Britt.
Nicole is back from Spain!  L-R is myself, Nicoley, Ashley and Brittany.
A little Runyun Canyon fun.
Loves of my life.
Boyfriend and Los Angeles.
More to come tomorrow!

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