Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy America Day!

Normally, my family spends the 4th of July in Northern California, doing cute small-town activities all day long.  Since my parents couldn't make it up this year (hello slightly awk midweek holiday), my boyfriend and I headed to Fresno to celebrate! And we had the best time.  My parents invited almost all of our Fresno "family," and we ate, swam and lit fireworks.  Two of my best friends from high school even came! If I could have made that night last forever, I would have captured it in a jar and saved the magic for a rainy day.

Yehawww America!
Bestie was just home from a year in Vietnam!  So good to see my sweet Chloe.
3/4th's of the high school crew.
Cutest kid alive (other than his brother).
So good to celebrate America with some of my favorite people on this planet.  4th of July, you are awesome!

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