Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sisters First, Friends Forver

This weekend was so fulfilling, so bittersweet and so jam-packed with emotion that I thought my chest would explode. I got to celebrate my younger sister's graduation from college and enjoy my last weekend with her before she moves to Louisiana, the culmination of four years of hard work and a heart that never gave up.

I went to a big, public college, and let's just say graduation was very different. At her small, private school, everyone could host their graduation parties at the school after the ceremony. It was so fun, and we spent the afternoon toasting to the grad in the glorious, northern California sunshine. We cried and prayed and told stories, and it was a treat to see family I don't see often enough.

The icing on the cake after a long day in the sun? Spending the night with my sisters and boyfriend in her dorm! So silly, so sweet, and a memory I will treasure until we are reunited. I'm grateful for the quiet moments after the pomp and circumstance ended.

Sunday morning I woke up knowing that'd it'd only be hours until I had to say goodbye to my sister. And when that moment came, it only confirmed that my sweet sis is the smartest, bravest person I'll ever meet. I've never been more proud of her, and know that her future students will be so lucky to have such an inspiring teacher. I've seen her grown into an amazing woman over these last four years, and can only imagine that the best is yet to come.

I cried the whole ride home to San Francisco, feeling like a piece of my heart was missing. Thank goodness for modern technology and cheap flights that are going to carry me to the South! Cheers to an amazing weekend and a bond that distance will never change.


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