Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Lifesaver

I've felt stuck, angry and all amounts of frustrated for the last three years, if not more. The reasons aren't important, and will slowly be dissected and understood as time continues and open communication between various parties finally happen. Life hasn't developed into the dream I had imagined, but maybe this is where I'm "supposed" to be. Who knows, right?

Even though there is a lot that I'm still working on, there's one things that's helped end the late night cry sessions with my boyfriend and the continuous whining to my mother - the gym. It's so cliche, but after a month and a half of a serious, sudden relationship with sweat and sore muscles, I've been able to manage my anger and sadness so much better.

Two spin classes a week, Soul Cycle (yes, it's as amazing and exhausting as everyone claims) and a lot of reading on the Stair Master have become routine. Tonight, as I angrily bang on these keys, I'm excited to wake up at 5 am to make sure I have time to go to the gym before work tomorrow.

I'm ready to be better, physically, mentally, and emotionally this year. Thank you free weights and crazy spin class songs for helping to make this happen!

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